Elyon Industry was built up, as a part of manufacturing community group, for the purpose of the only & the unique supplier of metal products such as wire, bar, rod, strip, coil, sheet, plate, tube and pipe in stainless steel, copper, copper alloy, carbon steel and special metals.

To accomplish this very precious but also very difficult purpose, Elyon Industry has been making every effort with the endless interest, study, plan, action, feedback and challenge, which are our passion.

For this purpose & passion, Elyon Industry started with a supply system of full-lined type of raw materials and this has been a great help to customers looking for one stop source. And, to support more benefits, we equipped with the flexible production system and this has been providing a quicker delivery and less MOQ than others. Also, we supply products in ODM or OEM to provide customers with more options for marketing policy.

In addition to above visible services, we also share the information, knowledge, technic and experience of metal products, situation of market and raw materials, with customers, as these could be a help to customers even if those are not visible.

All above services are summarized with
3P services:

  • services 01 Proactive
  • services 02 Prompt
  • services 03 Precise

No Change on Elyon's Purpose and Elyon's Passion.
To provide even a single benefit to customers, however, Elyon Industry is always trying to change, improve and extend the products line, service area, etc.

Also, we are operating a trading department to help & meet customer's diverse requests for other parts made from metal raw materials.

Our eye will be there where customers need us to look.

Our heart will be there where customers need us to feel.

Our hands will be there where customers need us to help.

You are our Purpose and we are Passion itself.
Now is the time for you to try and experience our passion.